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Case Study:

BlueSpot Tools.

Mike Coward, Chairman, had always struggled to find the right accountancy firm, until he found Cura.


Services used:
On-Site Accounting, Consulting.
Northern Wholesale Tools Ltd are importers and distributors of Bluespot Tools, which are tools for DIY, Automotive, Lighting, Home, Garden and Household products.

Since 2001, they have expanded and now sell direct to discerning buyers from small independents to national consumer brands.

Their business requires a flexible and sophisticated accounting and financial management system.

How Cura helped:

“Right from the start Debbie grasped what we needed.”

Mike Coward, Chairman, had always struggled to find the right accountancy firm, but has known Debbie since the brand launch of BlueSpot Tools.


As Mike puts it,

“Right from the start Debbie grasped what we needed. She knows what makes us tick as a business and her knowledge and the rapport we share is vital in the everyday running of the company. This was particularly evident during our relocation to Oldham.”


Mike’s daughter, Managing Director Kim Coward adds,

“Debbie knows our business inside and out and we completely trust her opinion and expertise.

It’s not just about the numbers - it is the advice and knowledge she brings to the business, as well as being cost effective.”


Debbie Garcia, Cura Accounting, explains Cura’s role at Northern Wholesale Tools,

“Northern Wholesale Tools is a very well run businesses, with great products, loyal staff and strong leadership. They certainly have all the ingredients for a highly successful business.

Our role here was to replace that of a full time accountant, which really wasn’t required or cost effective. What was required were three levels of expertise on a part time basis, which is exactly what we provide, all of which are carried out at their premises.”

Tilley: Tilley provides credit control services and has built excellent relationships with their many customers. Thankfully these relationships have greatly contributed to ensuring lockdown hasn’t caused us any issues with obtaining payment.

Tilley provides a report to Kim weekly using a colour coding technique which enables Kim to get a snapshot of the debtors and take comfort knowing they are in hand.


Gillian: Gillian is the Cura reconciliation queen! Northern Wholesale Tools use some very complex finance tools along with Sage 200 which is a sophisticated accounting package.

Gillian visits monthly ensuring all accounts are reconciled to the penny. Gillian also prepares the monthly management accounts and financial reporting pack. Finally, Gillian also provides support to their full time bookkeeper.


Debbie: I visit monthly to discuss business performance with the directors. We discuss how the business is performing in many areas, not just financially. For NWT they are usually aware of what the figures will be so I recognise that to add value our discussions need to be based more importantly on the future performance, how to continue growth and identify/minimise any potential risks.

I thoroughly enjoy working with Ash, Kim and Mike and feel like part of their family.