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January 31

FAST - First Aid Training

Chelsea and Lauren embarked on a journey of an Emergency First Aid at Work, lead by FAST First Aid Training in Bury, and it was nothing short of enlightening. Join us as we recount the invaluable experience of acquiring skills that go beyond the professional realm, reaching into the core of being responsible and prepared individuals in the workplace and the local community.

The course kicked off with an immersive introduction to the basics, covering CPR, initial assessments, and basic life support. The interactive nature of the sessions made absorbing this fundamental knowledge an engaging experience.

We then gained knowledge on how to handle specific medical emergencies, ranging from recognising symptoms of various conditions to practical application in simulated scenarios. It was eye-opening to realize how crucial swift and accurate responses can be in these situations.

Trauma response was really eye opening, Sean our trainer, emphasise the importance of wound management and bleeding control. The hands-on training brought a physical aspect to the knowledge, making the concepts more relatable and applicable.

Finally, we engaged in realistic simulations and navigated through a series of emergency scenarios. It was a nerve-wracking yet empowering experience, reinforcing the importance of quick thinking and effective action.

1. The course instilled a newfound confidence in our ability to handle emergencies, transforming uncertainty into a sense of preparedness.

2. Recognising the importance of teamwork in emergency situations highlighted the need for clear communication and coordinated efforts.

3. The blend of theory and hands-on training ensured that the knowledge gained wasn't just theoretical but ready to be applied in real-life situations.

4. Acquiring skills like CPR and trauma response has not only enhanced our professional capabilities but also empowered us to be a proactive force for safety in any environment.

Attending the Emergency First Aid at Work course with FAST and Sean, was not just a checkbox on the professional to-do list; it was a transformative journey. Armed with practical skills and a newfound sense of responsibility. We now feel more equipped to be workplace first aiders, ready to respond effectively and ensure the safety of those around us.

Here's to a safer and more secure workplace for all!