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January 8

MD meets Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt.

A Prestigious Evening at the House of Commons: MD Debbie and Practice Manager Gillian Meet Chancellor Jeremy Hunt.

Debbie and Gillian were honoured with an invitation to an exclusive event at the House of Commons in London. The highlight of the evening? A rare opportunity to engage with the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt to discuss owning a Business in the Borough of Bury.

Debbie and Gillian, both significant figures in our organisation, received coveted invitations to the prestigious gathering. The House of Commons, known for its historical significance and political resonance, set the stage for an evening that promised to be nothing short of extraordinary.

The event, hosted in one of the iconic chambers of the House of Commons, showcased the grandeur of the surroundings. Well known guests, influential figures, and business owners gathered for an evening of discussions, networking, and, of course, an address by Chancellor Jeremy Hunt.

Debbie and Gillian had the opportunity to interact with Chancellor Hunt, discussing matters of economics in Bury and the role of businesses in the current climates, leaving both Debbie and Gillian with a wealth of knowledge to share with our organisation.

Beyond the formalities, the evening provided a platform for networking and collaborations. Building connections with other attendees which opened doors to potential partnerships and collaborations that could further enhance our organisation's standing in the industry.

The exclusive event at the House of Commons marked a significant chapter in the professional journey of our Managing Director, Debbie, and Practice Manager, Gillian. The encounter with Chancellor Jeremy Hunt and the high-profile gathering at this historic venue added a new dimension to their roles and underscored the importance of our organisation's presence in the broader economic landscape.