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Our Services.

Here are the typical services we excel at on behalf of our clients. However, as we provide tailor made financial solutions, and all businesses have individual needs, the 'mix' of these services and emphasis upon one or more is down to what your business needs most.


Cura have a team of Expert AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) Bookkeepers ready to carry out bookkeeping duties, either at your offices as part of your team, or offsite here at Cura HQ.

We have fully embraced technology and use all the latest software to reduce manual data entry and ensure maximum efficiency.

We also promote a paperless office and instead use a secure cloud platform to store and view documents.

Our Bookkeepers are also fully trained to identify cost saving opportunities in your business and to ensure your cashflow is managed effectively.


Cura offer full payroll services to our bookkeeping clients. We use sophisticated (GDPR approved) cloud software which allows all communication to be made electronically using password protected tools. As well as processing your payroll, Cura will calculate it for you. We calculate actual pay, holiday pay, pension contributions, all the complicated stuff – and ensure that ever-increasing compliance requirements are met.

Before payroll is submitted, we send a notification to the authoriser to advise that the payroll we have calculated and processed is ready to be approved, which is done via the click of a button. Notifications then go out to staff to advise that their payslip is available to view online.

We also send electronic reminders to highlight when PAYE is due for payment, so this isn’t missed.

Credit Control.

Cura offer a comprehensive credit control service for your business, with regular reports sent to directors for peace of mind.

The main principles of effective credit control are:

  • Get to know your customers, make friends with them. Nobody likes being chased for payment, so ask them how you can ensure you get paid on time.
  • Ensure invoices submitted have the correct information on , such as PO numbers and contact names.
  • Agree a payment date and check the invoices have been authorised before they become due.
  • Document all communication, making sure we follow up any verbal communication in person or via telephone conversations with an email confirmation of what has been said / discussed.

Cashflow Management.

We specialise in cashflow management and concentrate upon three main areas:

  1. 12 weekly cashflow forecasts – a vital tool, updated weekly, to take the stress and worry out of the day to day for business owners.
  2. Longer term forecasts – (usually three months to 12 months). We identify the need to borrow or organise surplus funds and predict seasonal variations.
  3. Cash Management – we advise upon financial tools, such as overdrafts converting to loans and suppliers payment schedules.

Management Accountancy.

Effective management accountancy is a vital factor in all successful businesses. Its purpose is to report clear financial and non-financial information to key decision makers to ensure they understand business performance. Once understood it is much easier to aid future decision making and strategy planning for not only growing the business but also to ensure maximum profitability in the current position.

At Cura we are Experts in reporting using dashboards, KPIs and forecasts to illustrate performance to non-finance staff. Our accounts are prepared onsite at your premises which we believe is crucial in gaining a full understanding of your business.

Cura are Experts at accounts preparation for all industries including service sector, manufacturing, exporters/importers, charities, hotels, B2C and B2B companies.

Finance Director.

A finance director is deemed unaffordable for most SMEs which is why it makes total sense to engage Cura to provide this service on a ‘pay as you go’ basis.

A finance director will ensure the business:

  • has protected its assets effectively
  • has the most suitable and cost-effective funding requirements in place
  • all accounting compliance and secretarial services are being met and a solid strategy is in place for future growth.

At Cura we carry out this service in house, at your offices and in many cases an effective finance director pays for itself as substantial savings elsewhere in the business are very often made via this service.


BlueSpot Tools.

Mike Coward, Chairman, had always struggled to find the right accountancy firm, until he found Cura.