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January 12

#CuraChristmas2023 Competition

It was the season of giving, and at Cura Accounting, we decided to spread some festive cheer by launching the #CuraChristmas2023 competition.

We crafted these enchanting ornaments, sending them out to our valued clients and associates with a simple request: capture the magic by uploading a picture of the Cura Bauble on their Christmas Tree and upload to social media using the hashtag #CuraChristmas2023.

The response was overwhelming as clients and associates embraced the festive challenge. From offices to sparkling Christmas trees, our clients shared snapshots of the Cura Bauble gracing their workplaces and homes.

As the competition deadline approached, the anticipation reached its peak. Shirley, the Head Receptionist of the Bolholt Hotel won the £100 Tesco gift voucher.

In the end, the journey through the #CuraChristmas2023 competition was more than just a chance to win a prize. It was an opportunity to connect with our clients, celebrate the holidays together, and spread the joy that defines the spirit of Cura.

As Shirley unwraps the Tesco voucher, we do so with gratitude for the shared moments and the joyous memories created through the Cura Bauble this Christmas.